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Custom die-cut stickers are made by cutting through both the sticker’s face stock and backing liner into any individual shape and size you want. They are popular for their customization and uniqueness, often used in promotions and brand marketing. Unlike roll labels or sheet stickers, die-cut stickers are usually made in smaller quantities. If you are an individual customer, just choose the size options to estimate the price and upload your artwork to place the order. Or tell us your instructions, we will design a sticker artwork for you. For business clients with certain requests or need volume discount, just send an inquiry or send us an email to get free proofing and quotation. Our service team is ready to help.

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Things to Know Before Ordering!

  • For cm/mm users, convert to inches to estimate price.
  • You can select an approximate size to place order.
  • You can use "cm", "mm", or "inch" in your artwork.
  • Final stickers will be the same size as your artwork.
  • For multiple artworks, email to [email protected]
  • Worldwide free shipping by express for all orders.
  • Free artwork design and proof by human designers.
  • Contact us for 1-on-1 support for any uncertainty.
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Things to Know before Die Cut Stickers Customization

Die-cut stickers look very simple, but before putting them into production, manufacturers have to consider a lot of factors to make sure the sticker printing realize the ideal effect or working well in different conditions. If the purpose and usage of the stickers are not fully considered, it is very likely that the label will fall off or damage your products under certain conditions.

Before ordering die-cut stickers, it is best for clients to tell us what objects your stickers will be used on or in what environment. In this way, we will choose specific materials during production to avoid any possible risks.

  • If you have no specific requirement, just order online or submit a quote request to get free proofing and fast quote.
  • If you have specific requirement on the color, finish or craftsmanship for your stickers, please upload your artwork by submitting a quote request first before ordering.
  • If you want to custom special stickers in high temperature,  low temperature, water, sunlight, outdoor or other environments, or in contact with oil, chemicals and other objects, regular sticker materials are not enough. We will use special materials, enhanced Lamination or customized adhesives in the production.

Don’t worry! We know your concerns. We have been in this industry for 27 years. If you are new and have no idea about your project, just tell us what your stickers are used for. Our human service team will offer you one-on-one assistance with free quote, free consultation, free artwork design, free proofing, free samples.

In short, below are some factors you should consider before customizing die-cut stickers.

Custom Sticker Size

Sticker Sizes

Before sending an inquiry. Please confirm your sticker's max width and max height in "inch" or "cm". It is important for our factory to estimate the area and quote an accurate pricing for your project.

Sticker Shape

Sticker Shapes

Regular shapes are cheaper, such as square, round and rectangle shape stickers. Custom shapes are also popular nowadays for different needs, but price will be a little higher. It depends on your design.

Sticker Quantity

Sticker Quantity

Your sticker quantity is a key factor when calculating price. The more you order, the average unit price will be lower. Our MOQ for custom stickers is 500 units, but the total price is very cost-effective with door to door free shipping.

Sticker artwork

Sticker Artworks

It is best to provide vector artwork for best printing result. We accept artwork in the format of ai, pdf, eps, psd, png, jpg, jpeg and webp. If you don't have your artwork or just need our help. Contact us directly for free service.

Sticker Uses

Sticker Uses

The uses are very important for our team to decide how to customize your stickers to ensure the best performance. You should also let us know the features of the surface your stickers will be applied to.

Sticker Materials

Sticker Facestocks

Facestock is the printable surface layer of a sticker. We have hundreds of facestock materials, such as paper, vinyl, pvc, clear film, opp, bopp, pe, pet, kraft and so on. Choose the right materials based on your uses, or ask for free help now.

Sticker Lamination

Sticker Lamination

Lamination is a thin film on the sticker surface to protect the printed content and extend the sticker lifespan in harsh environments. There are matte, gloss, high-gloss, soft touch and thermal transfer options for your choice.

Sticker adhesive

Sticker Adhesives

For the uses on special surfaces or in harsh environments, we will accordingly apply different adhesives for the production. The most used adhesive types are general, removable, permanent, high-track, freezer grade etc,.

Sticker cutting

Sticker Cuttings

There are two main cutting methods: die-cut and kiss-cut. A die-cut sticker is cut into a single shape. But, for kiss-cut sticker, the top layer is cut, but the paper backing stays uncut. Choose the best cutting way based on your labeling method.

Sticker Formats

Sticker packing format can be sticker sheet, sticker roll, and individual sticker. If you use machine labeling, sticker roll is the best format. If labeling manually, no special requirement needed.

Why You Need Contact Us ?

Toog Print has been in sticker printing Industry for more than 27 years. Maybe we know what kind of stickers are better for you than you do. The premise is that you need to offer some information about your project. Some customers are not good at artwork editing or know nothing about printing technology. All these need real person communication. Don’t worry. As a traditional manufacturer, our team would more like to provide 1-on-1 service to every customer, no matter you are a small or big business. 

What Makes Us Competitive ?

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Upload pdf, ai, jpeg, jpg, psd, eps or webp file and receive a free proof to approve.
If no artwork, our team will design yours for free with your instructions.

* If you have special requirement or multiple artworks, email to [email protected] for assistance.


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